Importance of Incorporating Flexibility Training In Women Over 50

Hello, Darlings! It is important for women over 50 to incorporate flexibility training into their daily routine. This year I have been concentrating on regaining my flexibility. The results have been amazing and I have found that I suffer fewer aches and pains after tennis and my range of motion has increased tremendously. The Problem Of Losing Flexibility When We Age As our bodies get older we lose a small amount of flexibility as a result of normal aging processes. This can happen for several… Read More

Color Inspiration For Fall- Add Berry To Your Wardrobe

Color Inspiration For Fall Berry

Hello, Darling! It is time to look toward the great outdoors for color inspiration for fall. Berry is one of my favorite colors and is a great addition to your wardrobe for fall. Not only can you wear it for fall, but berry will take you into the winter/spring as well. Color Inspiration For Fall- Berry Because it is still nearly 100 degrees in mid-September, I am working berry into my transitional wardrobe in the form of a lightweight sweater… Read More

Black And White Floral Sweater For Late Summer Fashions

Black And White Floral Sweater For Late Summer Fashion

Hello, Darlings! Looking for late summer fashions to wear to a ladies luncheon, how about black and white floral? I found this chic black and white floral sweater hiding back in my closet perfect weight for late summer/ early fall. Black And White Floral Sweater For Late Summer Fashion Start With A Base Layer In Black For Late Summer Fashion Yes, it is still HOT, another 97-degree day but with the a/c going it is about 40 degrees. I tell… Read More